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Our team consists of brilliant, passionate and talented individuals, who, by working and innovating together are building a product that is revolutionising the way companies manage sustainability.
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Humans of Econest

We strive to make the daily tasks of the individuals with a company easier and more streamlined. Not only are we pushing for innovation that has never been done before, in order to ease the reporting process, we are also striving to make our world a better place through the knowledge and power that comes with accurate data. Environmental, Social and Governance reporting is becoming increasingly important to improve and protect our planet and the life that inhabits it, here we are making the difference.

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Our Platform
Every individual in our team plays an important role in the creation of our platform.
Daniel Da Silva
Lead Developer

Who am I?

With a history of complex systems ranging from biometrics to insuretech, Dan has a passion for systems that add real value for stakeholders. He has an interest (and stake!) in blockchain technologies and believes blockchain is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

He holds a BSc Computer Science from the University of the Witwatersrand.