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Catalyst Solutions are global leaders in identifying and securing novel funding solutions including grants and tax incentives that will enable your business to innovate and grow.
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Catalyst Alliance

Econest is working in alliance with Catalyst Solutions. One of the Catalyst Solutions business pillars is Catalyst Technologies. Catalyst Technologies is powered by the Econest software platform, where we develop innovative solutions for ESG, Energy and other Environmental reporting.  

Catalyst Solutions partner with clients to drive growth in a compliant and sustainable manner.  They services clients by identifying and focusing on projects that drive innovation, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. By using technology and bringing exceptional people together they act as the catalyst for their clients to solve complex problems and unlock innovative savings opportunities throughout the business value chain.  

Catalyst Solutions is also part of the VAT IT Group. VAT IT has a successful track record for launching additional products and businesses that address and solve industry pain points. Being part of the VAT IT Group allows us to be flexible in our model and agile in our response to the needs of our customers.   Catalysts’ experienced team is made up of tax professionals, accountants, engineers, carbon specialists, software developers and legal professionals. They pride themselves on their vast industry knowledge and work closely with many of the largest multi-nationals, listed entities, large privately owned businesses and industry bodies.
Catalyst operates on a foundation of pillars that make the complex simple.

Catalyst Pillars